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©2019 by Neighborhood Language Academy


At Neighborhood Language Academy, we provide different language courses to learners in different age groups and different proficiency levels. Our purpose is to make language learning a fun and enjoyable process, to make people from different cultural backgrounds get to know each other better, to break communication barriers, to raise cultural awareness, and to achieve excellence through the teaching and learning process. At Neighborhood Language Academy, the mission of the teachers is to constantly inspire their students, meet individual student’s needs and motivate them in the learning process. We believe in the power of inspiration and motivation to be the key to success.


The teaching method we employ here at Neighborhood Language Academy is multifaceted. What makes us distinctive from others is that we primarily resort to the TBLT (Task-based Language Teaching) model and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) approach. This means that all our language classrooms are student-centered, and the teacher only functions as a facilitator in the learning process. In this way, students will not only learn the target language, but also develop an effective learning strategy. In addition, our language teachers are all bilingual or multilingual, which means the teachers are able to make connections between different languages and relate to students’ various cultural backgrounds in the teaching process.


We are here to train language learners in different age groups to form a solid foundation in the target languages, as well as a rich knowledge of the target cultures; we prepare the students to be proficient in all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in the target languages; we bridge the gaps between different cultures and better intercultural communications.