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Beginner Chinese

Intimidated by the thought of learning a language so late in life?  No matter how old you are, it is never too late.  Learn more about yourself as you dive into a new world.  You would never imagine how many new doors will open up to you.

Intermediate Level

Built on the foundation of good pronunciation and radicals, this course resorts to the HSK standard textbooks (AP Chinese preparatory textbooks upon demand) to offer a comprehensive and practical Chinese curriculum to cover the different aspects of everyday conversational topics.

Travel Chinese

This course has been highly regarded by countless students and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning and the surviving language skills in China. Get in touch with questions to learn more.

Advanced Level

Throughout this course, students will achieve a higher level of language proficiency and accuracy, and they will be able to utilize the target language in more complicated contexts to express their opinions on more sophisticated topics.

Elementary Level

The purpose of the elementary course is to form a solid foundation on the Chinese Pinyin system, the stroke orders and radicals of the Chinese characters, as well as the basic vocabulary and phrases in conversational exchanges.

Superior Level

Just as the title suggests, the superior course pushes the learners to a much higher level and help them achieve a near-native level of the target language. All the course materials are selected from authentic and real-life scenarios which will train the learners to be distinguished Chinese speakers.

Mandarin Chinese

Neighborhood Language Academy provides an integrated curriculum of learning through exploration, discovery, and self-reflection. Our beginner and elementary courses are fun and entertaining, incorporating games, contests, and activities. Intermediate and Advanced Chinese classes provide a full-immersion environment for learners to utilize the target language.  Reading and Writing Chinese characters (汉字 hanzi) classes are built upon traditional Chinese learning models but are taught in fresh contemporary methods through teacher-student interactions, student-student roleplays and group activities. Superior level classes offer learners the opportunity to deal with real-life scenarios through authentic materials. For more information, check below to find the most suitable class for your needs.