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Do you like Korean food? Are you a fan of Korean pop culture? If you answer yes to these questions, then Neighborhood Language Academy is your primary choice to learn the language and the rich culture of Korea. We have native speakers of the target language and culture with special training in language education to provide a fun and comprehensive curriculum for you and enjoy the learning process with you. So why wait? Sign up today and explore more about Korea!

This elementary course provides learners with a comprehensive curriculum covering the basics of the Korean language: consonants and vowels combinations, pronunciation, basic grammatical structures, honorific expressions, etc. The purpose of the elementary course is to help learners form a solid foundation in the target language and prepare them for higher-level learnings.


The advanced course requires the learners to integrate all the learned skills in real-life scenarios. All the materials provided by the instructor are authentic and up-to-date, and learners need to utilize their language skills and knowledge of the target culture to hold meaningful discussions or finish certain language tasks.


In the intermediate course, learners will be exposed to more complex grammatical structures, vocabulary items, as well as culture-related content. In addition, learners' language proficiency is emphasized, and the 4 skills will be gradually incorporated into the curriculum. The purpose is to provide an immersion environment for the learners to acquire the target language and learn about the culture.


Whether you speak the language or not, you are always welcome to join the Korean Culture class to learn more about the country, the people, the food and more!

Korean Culture