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Tiffany Lien

Tiffany is an energetic and enthusiastic language teacher, and teaches Hanyu Pinyin, Mandarin Phonetic Symbols (zhu-yin), Chinese conversation, and traditional character reading and writing. Tiffany is a certificated Chinese teacher of Secondary School in Taiwan, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature from Tanghui University and had been trained as an educator of Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language. Tiffany started her career as a public middle school Chinese teacher at Municipal Tautsu Junior High School and Municipal Szu Chen Junior High School in Taiwan. After a year, she shifted into the private education field, becoming an after-school teacher where she gave instruction in Chinese writing, reading, speaking and listening to elementary and middle school children. Eager to motivate students through fun and interesting methods, Tiffany has a strong passion for sharing the beauty of Chinese culture. Tiffany believes laughter makes learning easier and which is the main reason students like being in her classes.

Eric Liu

Eric is an experienced language teacher, teaching both ESL and Mandarin Chinese. He obtained his first Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and his second Master’s Degree in Chinese Language Pedagogy from Indiana University Bloomington. He has been working as a language teacher for the past 7 years in Global Citizen Empowerment, Indiana University, Malvern College Qingdao, University of Illinois, and Yanbian University of Science and Technology. His teaching approaches make the target language easier for the learners to understand and acquire. His teaching style in the classroom motivates the learners and makes language learning an enjoyable and rewarding process. Due to his passion for language teaching, his caring and fun personality and his teaching style which goes beyond the textbook and expands learners’ horizon about the target language and culture, Eric’s students describe his class as motivating, challenging and fulfilling.

Susan Li

Susan is the owner of ING进行时, an outdoor activity company in Yangshuo, Guilin. She is a seasoned translator and language teacher, teaching English and Chinese to children and adults at Xijie Foreign Language School, Mandacentre Chinese College, Oral English School, and Omeida Language School, and is highly sought out as a language tutor, preparing foreigners for the HSK (official Chinese as a 2nd Language) exams. Through her skills in language, outdoor sports, and organizing tours, she is constantly creating stimulating and enjoyable learning activities and environments. Susan’s students describe her as challenging and highly motivating while being very practical and down to earth. Because of her experience in the service and tourism industry, she also carries a very strong passion for good customer service.