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English as a Second Language

Neighborhood Language Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum to cover the different skills in learning English as a second language, and we also tailor our courses to meet the needs of learners from different age groups and proficiency levels. We offer courses in reading, writing, grammar, conversation, standard test preparation, etc. Check out below to find the most suitable course for your needs.  

English Conversation

The purpose of the English conversation class is to provide an overarching curriculum for speakers of other languages to practice listening and speaking skills in English. The course revolves around different topics for the learners not only to practice the target language and hold meaningful discussions but also incorporates idiomatic expressions to enhance the learners' language ability.

English Grammar

Do you find English grammar too hard to learn? Or too complicated to master? Then this is the right class for you! We provide a systematic curriculum to help you understand and master concepts from verb tenses to singular and plural forms, from subject-verb agreement to the various clauses. When you finish this course, you will find yourself a master of English grammar!

Standardized Test Preparation

This test prep course is offered to learners who want to improve their English proficiency, as well as to tackle the different standardized tests to obtain a good score. We are here to help you increase your vocabulary, polish your grammar and teach you the test-taking skills to make you feel confident when you walk into the test site.

Academic Writing

Are you still confused and afflicted by your professor's writing assignments? Do you still not understand how to properly cite a source in your research paper? Or are you worried that your GPA will be affected by your poor writing skills? You don't have to worry anymore because we are here to help you solve all these problems! Have you ever heard of the "FAN BOYS"? Do you know what the "PIE Structure" is? If not, it is time for you to enroll in this writing course to explore all these secrets that make a successful writer!